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Donations To Magicraft

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Donations To Magicraft Empty Donations To Magicraft

Post  Robbo2203 Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:13 pm

Donations towards the server help in many ways, Letting both Magicraft and yourself benefit.


When you donate towards Magicraft, you will not be promoted instantly, as it is all done manually and Robbo22032(Owner) is not on 24/7. Please make a post here following this Guideline.

In-Game Name:
Current Rank:
Amount Donated:
Amount of money donated Previously ( Total ):

Personally, You get the following.
Please Donate in GBP.
£5 Vip rank
£12.50 Donator rank
£20 Moderator rank
Your Money is Counted so if you have previously donated then the amount you donate again will be added. E.G. 'Bob' Donates £5 then later donates £7.50 . he would become Donator.
You can Now buy Seperate permissions when you are a Donated Moderator. Each Permission is different so if you wish for a permission which is a special admin command then contact robbo2203 on the server and ask how much that permission will be.

Disclaimer: Magicraft is not responsible for any faults in purchase. This is a Non-Refundable service and should be done with caution. When Paying, responce and update is not 24/7. You May have to wait a period of time for rank promotion.


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