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Server Ranks

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Server Ranks Empty Server Ranks

Post  Robbo2203 Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:58 pm

This is the Ranks Abilities.
Anything between the # # is a comment and not part of the command.

/list #Its /who but im not sure if that works#
/who #Read above#

Builder - Inherits All Guest

Vip - Inherits All Builder
#Can use Nether Portals#
/nick #Can create nicknames to either do a roleplay scene for videoing or to make your name shorter. E.G. i use to make Robbo2203 into Robbo.#

Donator - Inherits All Vip
/world #doesnt need a portal to nether teleport and back#
/back #when dies. type /back to return to your death spot. or if you teleport using /home or /spawn you can type /back to return to previous place.#
/jump #An useful command to teleport to where ever your crosshair is pointed at. includes caves beneath you and going up a floor.#
#Can Bypass Some Kit and Teleport Cooldowns.#

Moderator - Inherits All Donator Commands.

Admin - Inherits all Moderator
/kit #Every Kit#
/spawnmob #To be used wwith Caution. Can Be Demoted EASILY with misuse#
/manselect #All /man..... commands are groupmanager, and should be checked online before usage.#

Owner - Inherits All Commands off Everyone.
/'*' #Has Every Command#

Please Check every command you are unsure of online before using. As this can be dangerous and bad for the server and yourself.


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